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We are able to offer you a pallet transport, that will take care of the whole car or place one pallet. Slovakia Kingdom United haulage We are able to offer you a pallet transport, that will take care of the whole car or place one pallet.
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New on Netflix & Disney+: These are the streaming highlights in May

This month, the streaming providers again have some new movies and series in store for us. Here you can find out which titles you can look forward to. What’s new at Netflix All new titles at Netflix New series in May The Octonauts on the Mainland, Season 2 (2.5) Ten Feet Above the Sky, season […]

LG Tone Free DFP9 in test: Wireless headphones with active noise cancellation

Discreet Bluetooth headphones with excellent sound and useful noise cancellation – LG sends the Tone Free DFP9 into the race with this promise. We tested whether they can fulfill the expectations. LG’s Tone Free DFP9 come in a small box with various accessories. In addition to the headphones and a matching charging case, a set […]

Guide: Best gaming PC for 2000 euros [2022].

Up to all requirements: The gaming PC for 2000 Euros scores with an outstanding gaming performance and a sleek design. The perfect solution for everyone who wants to get the most out of their games and places a lot of value on a smooth gaming experience – even in 4K! >>>The gaming PC for 2000 […]

A woman’s internal energy resources. How to live from the heart?

Feeling tired, exhausted, stressed, out of touch with yourself, your feminine nature and your body? Feeling a lack of meaning, beauty and inspiration in your daily life? Or are you stuck in a program of self-criticism, self-pity and self-loathing? Do you want more inner harmony and more coherence with yourself and those around you, but […]

FFT Analysis and Machine Learning in Fan Systems

Some weeks ago we launched, Aion, our enhanced Machine Diagnostic tool (you can learn more about it here). Two of its strength points are the ease of application across many different machine types and its ability to conduct pre-processing of the data it collects on the edge. Mr Horst Benderoth, for more than 40 years […]

Why Your Machine Diagnostics Solution Needs to Be Both Hardware and Software

In the first stages of its development, AiSight found itself at a very common crossroad. Should we or should we not build our own hardware? The easiest path is to only be a software company. In this article, we will explain why it is so and what convinced us to build our own hardware anyway. […]

How to Deal with Electrical Noise in Vibration-Based Smart Maintenance: An Introduction

In electronics, noise can be any unwanted form of energy that disturbs a process or communication. In Vibration-Based Smart Maintenance, noise can impact the quality of the analysis. That’s why a good electronic system is designed when also the power of this unwanted element is taken into account. The Problem of NoiseSuppose you need to […]

Guide: The best smartphones up to 400 euros [2022].

The times when you had to pay a small fortune for a smartphone with upper-class hardware are fortunately over. They are now available again: High-quality smartphones with first-class features at affordable prices. Many of them do not even cost 400 Euros. In this article, we will introduce you to the best smartphones under 400 Euros. […]

Guide: These are the best smartphones up to 300 euros [2022].

The best smartphones up to 300 Euros: The world’s major smartphone manufacturers outdo each other year after year with new models that are getting better and faster – and also more and more expensive. But do we really need these high-end devices? For most of us, the answer is certainly: no. Because even cheaper mid-range […]

What I learned in combat: How to survive a quarantine (almost) without losing your inner peace

Photo from personal archive. United Kingdom, 2020. The world is changing fast. Back in early March, we were playing a slightly different game. In the mornings, I’d go to a spacious building on a cross street in a hipster neighbourhood and greet my co-workers with a new day, while I made myself a cup of […]